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Duck Life

ducklife-2Duck Life is an interesting game for those who love animals. The storyline of this game is really interesting : Once upon a time there was a farm with a lot of ducks but once day tornado destroyed everything except one egg. Now you have only one little duck that you have to teach all things. The primary goal is to make your bird more stronger and faster. In duck life, you upgrade level by level the major skills : Energy, Flying,Swimming and Running.

Duck_LifeEvery time you take part in competition you can win golden coins. Use them wisely to buy some food for your duck and raise the energy bar to a new level. You can also buy some stuff for your character, like hat. Your main mission is to win all tournaments in the game. Before starting to play it keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to fully upgrade the skills of your duck.

Duck Life is very colorful game with awesome graphics and very nice gameplay. The more you play it, the more you realize that the game is very addictive and funny. There are other versions of the game available at our website, you can try them for free. Have great time with us.

How To Play Duck Life

Playing Duck Life game is very easy - in most levels of the game you will only use mouse to set the direction or do action, but in some training levels you will need arrow buttons. In order to succeed in the ducklife game you have to level-up as fast as possible and win the tournament. I have played the game many times and generated the best strategy how to gain levels and become stronger more efficiently. Don't rush and train your duck only in one skill. Try to make it better at all of them simulately. Using this strategy you can complete some races at low levels gain bonus points.

Duck Life Game Series
As you know, this game is very popular today and all versions of it is available at Duck-Life.org. Sure, the first version of the game was developed long ago, but today it is still popular. All in all there are 5 absolutely awesome editions of the game available at our website. The most awesome thing is that the story line of each part is the continuation of the previous one, so it is better to start playing from the first chapter. The last version of duck life is a bit different but I am sure you will love it.

Duck Life Unblocked At School
I know that most of our users want to play the Duck Life unblocked at school, and I am sure that because of the fact that our website is not very popular, it is not blocked at school or other places. You can easily enjoy the game from school or somewhere else. Even if it will get blocked, you can access it through online proxy websites. Have Fun